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SPARKY’S BIG DAY – Barney says let’s talk about…the environment

Midas Structural Ltd are continuing to support a local school by sponsoring books to be given to children.

This time Barney is looking at the environment and with activities such as mazes, posters, match the items and a story, children can learn what the environment is, why it’s important & what they can do to help protect it.

It’s an important message for all…young & old…” It’s important we all work together to protect our environment.”

“The Barney & Echo series has been developed to support parents and teachers in addressing Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) at key stage 1-2. The books follow the adventures of Barney Eagle and Echo Squirrel who live in Treetop Forest. Each book has a story relating to a PSHE subject area with activities to reinforce the learning goals. There are five books in the series that cover a range of topics including: the Environment, Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol, Personal Safety, Anti-Social Behaviour, Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying.”

What Sponsorship can do for your business

Businesses that sponsor their local schools with the Barney and Echo resources operate in industries from Retail to Technology and Farming to Manufacturing.

Whatever business you are involved in and whether you are a small local community business or a multi-national, you can make a difference.

To date more than 500,000 educational resources have been sponsored for schools across the UK.

Sponsorship of the Barney and Echo programme not only provides the resources that schools really need in order to broach difficult social issues in a fun and engaging way but also focuses on ensuring sponsors are able to benefit through a range of actions designed to promote their business and to recognise the vital support they provide for their local community.

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