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Caught In The Web

Midas Structural Ltd are continuing to support children within the local area, in particular Loddon Junior School.

"Caught in the Web (Editions one and two and three) have been read by over 1.2 million children across the country and this issue continues to be one the Best Resources available in the United Kingdom for Primary School children when dealing with online issues and cyber bullying.

Our fourth edition has updates to make sure our resources are always applicable with recent issues.

In Caught in the Web, Barney helps Echo and his friends to face the potential dangers of going online. With the help of Tom Stoat the Woodland Wizard, Barney shows his friends how to stay safe on the internet and social networking sites and also the effect cyberbullying has on others." (Taken from

What Sponsorship can do for your business

Businesses that sponsor their local schools with the Barney and Echo resources operate in industries from Retail to Technology and Farming to Manufacturing.

Whatever business you are involved in and whether you are a small local community business or a multi-national, you can make a difference.

To date more than 500,000 educational resources have been sponsored for schools across the UK.

Sponsorship of the Barney and Echo programme not only provides the resources that schools really need in order to broach difficult social issues in a fun and engaging way but also focuses on ensuring sponsors are able to benefit through a range of actions designed to promote their business and to recognise the vital support they provide for their local community.

Branding, PR and Advertising opportunities are available in a number of ways, such as:

Your company details and logo will be printed on all the educational resources you sponsor which are supplied to your chosen local Primary Schools.

You will receive a press pack for advertising submissions to local newspapers and relevant industry publications.

Opportunities exist to attend a presentation of the resources to your chosen local Primary School where photographs may be arranged to support the press release.

We can provide the Barney and Echo logo with a press release for use on your website highlighting your sponsorship and support of your local schools.

Certificate of thanks from the founder of the PCCGB to display in your business celebrating your involvement in the campaign. (Taken from

If you would like to sponsor a school in your area…

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