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Midas’ Mindfulness

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

“Mindfulness: Barney says mental health is just as important as physical health”.

Midas Structural Ltd have sponsored children at Loddon Junior School. Our donation supports Barney & Echo – Police Community Clubs in a brand new project for this year which is all about Mindfulness, Mental Health and Wellbeing in children.

“With the major changes that have affected all our lives following the pandemic, now more than ever we should all be mindful how these adjustments have impacted our children. Mindfulness centres around encouraging children to be as open and honest as possible and teaches them that mental health and wellbeing plays just as big a role in their lives as being physically well.

These essential child protection classes are no longer funded by the government and our child protection budget cannot provide resources to every school.

The Barney & Echo series has been developed to support parents and teachers in addressing Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) at key stage 1-2. The books follow the adventures of Barney Eagle and Echo Squirrel who live in Treetop Forest. Each book has a story relating to a PSHE subject area with activities to reinforce the learning goals. There are five books in the series that cover a range of topics including: the Environment, Drugs, Tobacco and Alcohol, Personal Safety, Anti-Social Behaviour, Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying.”

The construction industry is acutely aware of how mental health can affect everyone and Midas Structural Ltd are wanting to ensure that we can support the future generation in accessing resources required to help them understand how to look after themselves and access support if needed.

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