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Since late 2021, Midas Structural Ltd have been supporting their local primary school by sponsoring books that are distributed to the children at Loddon Junior School.

This scheme was set up by the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain and Justin Skipper (Managing Director) feels this is a great way to reach out and support the mental health, personal development and safety of children within his local community.

We continue to sponsor this scheme throughout 2024 as Midas Structural Ltd feels strongly that the future of our children is something that needs to be invested in.

The books are developed to support parents & teachers in addressing Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) at key stage 1-2.

Tracey (Office Manager) & Dave (Operations Director) have a child in KS1 and recognise the importance of supporting children to receive a positive message in this tricky to negotiate areas, “If we as a company can make any contribution to assist the next generation, then we must take these types of opportunities” says Dave.

Justin & Heather (Company Owners) also have grandchildren in these key stages which is why they feel it is important for Midas Structural Ltd to set the standard.

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